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2024 Nearshore IT Salaries Data Report

Unveiling the Landscape of IT Salaries in Latin America: Insights from the 2024 TeamStation AI Report

The technology sector in Latin America is experiencing a dynamic transformation, underscored by the rapid growth and increasing complexity of software development roles across the region. The "TeamStation AI System report on LATAM IT Salaries 2024," spearheaded by Carolina Acuña, Head of Data Science and NLP at TeamStation AI, comprehensively analyzes the salary structures and role distributions within this vibrant sector. This blog post delves into the report's key findings, offering a detailed exploration of what these trends mean for the industry and potential future directions.

Overview of the Report

The report analyzes a robust dataset of 1521 records, representing a diverse cross-section of the software developer community in Latin America. It covers 19 countries, with a significant focus on Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina, which are noted for having the highest number of developers in the sample. The data, sourced from Arc() and various hiring databases, offers a granular look at salary trends by country, contract type, and role based on experience levels.

Salary and Role Distribution

One of the standout features of the report is its detailed breakdown of the different roles within the software development sector. The most common roles identified are Full-stack Developer, Front-end Developer, and Back-end Developer. These roles not only dominate the sample but also highlight the diverse skill sets that are currently in high demand across the region. The salary analysis reveals an average salary of USD 30,470.02, with a notable range extending from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $800,000 USD. This wide range indicates a significant disparity in compensation, which could be attributed to various factors, including role complexity, seniority, and geographical location.

Geographical Insights

The geographical analysis provides intriguing insights into how different Latin American countries compare in terms of IT salary distributions. Countries like Brazil and Chile are on the higher end of the salary spectrum, which could reflect their more developed economic status and higher cost of living. In contrast, countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina show a more moderate salary range, aligning with their emerging market status.

Impact of Experience and Contract Type

Experience level is a critical factor in salary variations. The report categorizes developers into junior, mid-level, and senior, with precise salary increments corresponding to these categories. Senior developers command the highest salaries, reflecting the industry's valuation of experience and expertise. Interestingly, the type of contract also plays a significant role in determining salary levels. Full-time contracts generally offer higher salaries than part-time and freelance arrangements, underscoring the benefits of job security and continuous employment.

Analyzing the Salary Gaps

The report does not shy away from addressing the salary gaps that exist within the industry. These gaps are evident when comparing different countries and experience levels across various roles within the tech sector. Such disparities highlight the ongoing challenges in achieving salary equity and may point to issues such as access to education, career progression opportunities, and economic factors.

Future Implications

The findings from the TeamStation AI report are crucial for multiple stakeholders within the tech industry. For employers, understanding these salary trends will aid in crafting competitive compensation packages that attract and retain top talent. For professionals within the industry, the report provides valuable insights into potential career paths and the skills that are most rewarded. Moreover, policymakers and educational institutions can use this data to align their programs with the skills in demand, ensuring that the future workforce is well-prepared to meet the industry's needs.


The "TeamStation AI System report on LATAM IT Salaries 2024" is more than just a collection of statistics. It mirrors the current state of the IT sector in Latin America, offering a clear view of where the industry stands today and where it may head in the future. As Latin America continues to carve out a significant presence on the global tech stage, understanding these dynamics becomes helpful and essential for anyone involved in this sector. This report highlights the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, providing a roadmap for building a more equitable, competitive, and dynamic IT landscape across Latin America.