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How much does a Nearshore software engineering staff cost, what is the process, how long does it take, how involved is my team?

How does Framework Science compare with offshore IT staffing and vendors?

An innovative vendor with industry-first-of-a-kind proprietary technologies that focus on accuracy and velocity of hires while giving their clients absolute transparency and service accountability, providing an enterprise-grade level bilateral proactive governance. 

What does Framework Science mean?

A Scientific Framework for Software Engineering Certainty, Continuity and Predictability. 

What does Remote Dev Teams Operating System mean?

A Framework Science Proprietary system that brings the client and FS Teams into one system to execute client capacity planning initiatives within a centralized platform ranging from Job requisition creation, resource technical testing, Onboarding Automation to Talent performance monitoring.

Why is the Remote Dev Team OS beneficial to my company when working with Framework Science Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services? 

a. No more resumes by mail, no more spreadsheets, no more missed opportunities because candidate feedback fell through the cracks. You get to see the quality of talent during the pre-screening and technical evaluation process in real-time. 

b. Access their profiles, resume, recruiter notes, technical testing results on video and technical screening notes from Sr Engineers, see the resource work style via portfolios, track the devices that are provided by Framework Science that are securely connected to your system, to even scoring their performance and much more. 

c. We even show you the engineer’s salary requirements and benefits packages. If you are looking for a vendor you can trust that is willing to provide never seen before transparency, then we are your secret weapon to beat your competition and leave the rest behind!

What are nearshore software engineering staff augmentation services?

Read our article on What is Nearshoring

Is Framework Science exclusively for US companies?

We work with global organizations that need technical talent next door to the U.S. for proximity and cultural reasons. Most of all, we share the passion with all that want to GO BEYOND and explore the unknown!