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Finding and Hiring the Best Nearshore Software Engineers from Mexico: 15 Questions to Ask

Technical interviews give a person a chance to investigate a candidate's skills, personality, problem-solving ability, and knowledge of the job. This article will show you how to conduct some of the best technical interviews anyone can do by looking closely at what questions were asked in 15 actual software engineering interviews.

Quick Introduction to Sr Software Engineers

A Senior Software Engineer may have a lot of experience. So they will be in a position where they'll be able to oversee other people in their team, draw up schedules, teach others best practices within the IT Industry.

15 Questions to ask Sr. Software Engineers

  • Does the candidate have functional programming or design experience?
  •  Is the candidate working on related projects in their free time?
  •  Do they use GitHub, Stackoverflow, Quora, or other open-source projects?
  • What was the biggest project they ever worked on? How did it end up?
  • What was their most significant failure, and what did they learn from it?
  • Do you see any red flags during the interview process for this position?
  • How often can I get in touch with them outside of work hours?
  • What are their salary expectations relative to industry standards for this position and local living costs? 
  • Are they customer-focused? 
  • What made them decide to become a software engineer? 
  • How long have they been in the field? 
  • What is the most difficult challenge they've overcome, and how did they do it? 
  • What is their opinion of Agile/Scrum methodology?
  •  What have they done to help or improve Agile or SCRUM practices inside their organization? What products do they use, if any?
  •  Which products do they like and why? 


If you couldn't tell, it's looking for someone capable of navigating trade-offs and understanding complexity. Your best strategy for finding such a person is to begin the process by considering how they think. Suppose you are looking to hire a Nearshore Software Staff Augmentation firm with the most advanced proprietary technology that allows you total transparency and management of your remote software development teams. In that case, Framework Science is your top choice that is cost-effective and delivers top qualified talent faster than the competition, guaranteed.   As long as your job requirements are solid and within an industry context, the velocity will depend on your onboarding best practices that we can help automate once the first few hires occur. Start Hiring Superstars today!