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Here are five keys when selecting the right nearshore software outsourcing partner.

1. Ensure that you are specific

Before employing any nearshore staff augmentation partner, it is crucial to be specific about what you need to minimize the risk of being mismatched. For instance, if your project requires American English speakers, you would want to find a Nearshore Software Engineering Staff Augmentation like Framework Science employ English speakers and are in the top 5% of the engineering field in Mexico.

Selecting the right partner is essential for success. Each partner will have different strengths, so it's vital to outline your specific requirements beforehand. If you are looking for project managers, detailing requirements, including the time needed by type of projects, gives contracting partners a clearer understanding of how they can help you.

2. Assess their level of expertise

Once you know what you need, do your research and ensure the staffing partner will meet the criteria. Pursue a good fit for your business so that it's cost-effective and fits within your needs, technology stack, engineering culture and can automate the onboarding process to help your team stay focused on what is most important. 

3. Ensure they have excellent communication skills

Poor communication can be ruinous. When evaluating your next staff augmentation vendor, ensure they comply with these five company values: establish clear goals, works collaboratively, respect deadlines is engaged in feedback loops with clients, are excellent in written and oral communication.

4 Consider the vendor's security precautions

It is critical that your staff augmentation partner can confidently claim top-tier data security as a company. When going remote, you rely on them to keep your information safe, including the IP addresses of the people you work with. If they have a history of lax data security, walk away.

5. It is crucial to ensure that a Nearshore STA partnership is culturally compatible with your objectives.

Before committing, consider the potential for communication failures because of different time zones and languages. Ask yourself: How well can our teams work together? If you have any doubt, it may be worth moving on.

How to select a nearshore staff augmentation company

We would like to discuss our staff augmentation services to save yourself time and money on research. If you need assistance finding a cost-effective solution, our team will be happy to meet with your teams.