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How Framework Science uses AI to build software engineering teams across Latin America

Over the past few years, many businesses have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate their software engineering efforts. As talent acquisition costs continue to grow, AI-based solutions offer a reliable and cost-effective way to identify top software engineering talent from around the world.

One company that has leveraged AI to build its software engineering teams across Latin America is Framework Science. Founded in 2017, this data-driven platform uses AI to match the best software engineers with companies looking for remote and on-site talent.

Framework Science’s AI-driven platform uses a combination of machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and predictive analytics to identify potential software engineering recruits from around the world. It also provides detailed insights into each candidate’s experience, skillset, background, and competencies. Companies using Framework Science can maximize investment by having total control and management of their remote development resources all in a single platform.

In addition to its comprehensive AI-driven recruitment platform, Framework Science offers companies software engineering team-building and management services. From helping companies source the best engineers for their projects to providing onboarding support and ongoing mentorship programs, Framework Science has everything a company needs to successfully build and manage a remote software engineering team across Latin America.

Thanks to AI-driven platforms like Framework Science, businesses can now easily access top software engineering talent from around the world at an affordable cost. It allows organizations in Latin America to benefit from remote software engineering experience from abroad while keeping costs low and ensuring the success of their projects.