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How to increment cash flow when hiring nearshore developers?


0:00 Whether you are a CEO or a technology leader.

0:03The reality of bringing new business value to your clients can be costly considering the effort and the right talent it takes to bring ideas successfully to today's high paced market.

0:13 As more companies aim to stay cash flow positive, it becomes a challenge to prepare to pivot to a new client value stream to gain more revenue and market share with limited talent capacity.

0:24Us companies need a better approach with a manageable all in one solution to be always ready and always on with the right people doing the right things at the right time.

0:34 Introducing teams station an A I driven platform that revolutionizes how us companies access and efficiently manage their Latam near shore technical talent supply chain cost.

0:44 Effectively.

0:46The platform enables access to a sizable aligned talent pool, maximize your product development speed, optimize cash flow by reducing costs while delivering more technical value.

0:58 Our platform is easy to implement, integrate run, manage and scale on demand with teams station you can build symbiotic Latam near shore technology teams that are aligned with your technology stack compatible with your company culture in sync with your time zone.

1:17 Understand your market.

1:19T he platform process drastically reduces the time it takes to build high performing teams.

1:25 Teamstation offers automated A I driven talent matching, seamless integration with your existing processes, predictable and manageable talent supply chain, scalable on demand availability that delivers greater alignment accuracy and at a much greater velocity on boarding automation, talent retention and upskilling access.

1:47 Global offices where your talent is located.

1:50 Don't let talent shortages hold you back.

1:53 Accelerate your growth.

1:55 With teams station, the ultimate platform for accessing and managing your LATAM near shore technical operations at a touch of a button.

2:03 Visit our website to learn more and schedule a demo.