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North American Dream: Mexico Software Engineering Nearshoring is BOOMING!

When considering outsourcing software development outside the US, Mexico might not come to mind as the first country that comes to mind since Southeast Asia has dominated the outsourcing market for over a decade because of its cheap labor force and predominantly young population. 

US firms are looking for alternatives to outsourcing due to cultural differences, language barriers, and time zone differences. It's been quiet, but Mexico is quietly positioning itself as a technology and software development giant behind the scenes, despite the US media's smear campaigns.

Companies in the US are beginning to take notice of Mexican engineers' increasing participation in software development. To help you hire Mexican developers for your software projects, we'd like to offer you these guidelines:

Why Hire North America Mexican Software Engineers and Developers?

As a result of Mexico's direct investment in STEM programs, Latin America has the world's second-highest growth rate of software developers. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs are curriculums built to teach students these subjects.

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More than 140 new colleges were built by the Mexican government, of which 120 specialize in engineering and technology. Tecnológico de Monterrey, a prestigious university in Mexico, graduates thousands of information technology students each year.

With a growing population of English speakers, Mexico is becoming a destination for highly sought-after workers.

Hire a Nearshore Software Development Team in Mexico

There are several advantages to working with a Mexican software development team, including:

  • Integrating them into your daily operations is easier when they share the same time zone
  • Development is significantly less expensive than in North America, Europe, and Australia
  • Mexico is easily accessible from major US cities via more than 300 flights each day
  • A robust cultural affinity and high standards of professionalism
  • Work is handled by the firm you work with for HR functions (recruiting, benefits, vacation management, e.g.)
  • Tap into over 800,000 Technical profiles and choose the best aligned to your business objectives!

It's best to use a nearshore software development team if you need help as soon as possible and prefer the power of a team over an individual.

Final thoughts

If you're looking for the most proven, modern software development vendor in Mexico that created and uses the industry's first remote dev teams management system utilizing HumanDevOps AI technology and offers a one-stop shop for all your development needs, consider us at Framework Science. We are ready to support your every software development need, whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company.

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