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Putting together your resume

We know you're tempted to update your last resume, adding in your latest work here and there. However, if you go a little deeper, we believe you'll be much more satisfied with your hiring process.Keep your old resume near you for inspiration, but start from scratch when creating a new resume targeted at each job you want.

To create a resume tailored to each position, follow these steps:

  • Analyze your experience and skills against the job description. Don't forget to include data to tie your work to the position qualifications.
  • Highlight your involvement in specific projects. How did they turn out? What was the outcome? By using "accomplish [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z]."
Here are some examples of fill-in the blank sentences that we have come up with for you to get started:
  • Redesigned _____for _____.
  • Implemented ____ for _____ by _____.
  • Improved ____ by _____ through _____.
  • Reduced ____ by _____ by _____.
  • Utilized ____ to _____ for _____.
  • Increased ____ by ____ through _____.
  • Integrated ____ by ____ for _____.
  • Incorporated ____ for ____ by _____.


  • We are interested in knowing anything that you have done as a leader. What was the size of the team? Was there a specific scope to your work?
  • Include school-related coursework or projects demonstrating your skills and knowledge if you are a recent graduate or have little work experience.
  • Make your resume concise. While we don't have a specific length requirement, concision and precision are crucial - so don't let your resume go beyond one page, and make it clear what you're including.

You aren't required to submit a cover letter (and it isn't guaranteed that your application will be considered), so you can choose whether to do so. In addition to your resume, your cover letter should follow many of the same guidelines for creating a good resume. Use data to back up your claims, tailor your resume to the job you're applying for, and tell us how you've made a difference. Make a connection between your passion and our position; show us a little bit about yourself.