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Technical Interview Preparation: Arrays


Nothing is simpler than an array when it comes to data structures. Arrays are also very important!

Arrays are what are they?

A numerical index identifies the position of data in an array.

The amount of elements and types of data that will be stored in the array is often estimated upfront by software engineers as a single block of memory.

Engineers can therefore read and write elements more efficiently thanks to arrays. A program can therefore determine the exact location of every element within memory thanks to arrays.

What You Need to Know About Arrays for a Technical Interview

Keep these things in mind when interviewing for a technical position involving arrays:

  • An array is best suited to indexing but not to searching, inserting, or deleting.
  • The simplest array is a linear array.
  • An array can be dynamic if it has more than one dimension. In this case, you need to reserve space for additional elements.