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The Importance of Product Ownership for Nearshore Software Engineering Teams from Mexico

Over the past few years, the term "nearshore" has been used for many different software engineering teams, whether developed in Canada or Mexico. This blog article will learn what a Product Owner is and why they are important to a nearshore team.

Why do nearshore software engineering teams should have a product owner?

A product owner has a grip on all aspects of the product. They are responsible for just about everything that touches the product’s design, planning, and implementation. This can save the team’s plans, usually resulting in a sizeable investment if they go wrong. Failure is inevitable, but a product owner lets your team tackle it more efficiently by controlling the whole process from inception through to retirement.

Benefits of Product Ownership

Product ownership mitigates the high transfer cost and helps move compliance up the ladder. Product ownership can also help keep communication on schedule and reduce misunderstandings between ends. It is easier for non-native speakers to follow the instructions of a product owner when discussing acceptance criteria or requirements from a customer story.


Nearshore software engineering teams from Mexico have many advantages over Offshore. teams because the geographic distance can cause communication and cultural challenges between two countries. While the U.S.-Mexico Technology Development gap is narrowing, Mexico has made significant product development and entrepreneurship strides.  Hiring a Nearshore Software Engineering Team from Mexico with a dedicated Product Owner that can effectively articulate feature value propositions to the Software Engineers, mitigates project risk, and cuts development costs in the long run. Hiring a Nearshore Software Engineering Staff Augmentation firm specializing in building large-scale Software Engineering Teams that deliver, like Framework Science, is the optimal choice for over 30 U.S. Technology companies.