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Tips to help you answer behavioral questions at Framework Science

Interviewing at Framework Science?

Explaining your experience is important, but most important is having a good structure so all hiring evaluators better understand your awesomeness!

It would be best to focus on the most relevant accomplishments and straightforwardly explain them when answering behavioral questions. Tell your stories in a step-by-step manner to achieve this. 

Answering behavioral questions with STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) is a popular method since it's easy to remember. Maybe you've used it before. In our experience, however, candidates often have difficulty distinguishing between the second and third step, or task and action. Lessons learned are often overlooked in the results step, which is particularly important when discussing past failures.

Our suggested five-step approach is as follows:

  1. Let's start with a description of the situation. You should only explain your role, the team, the organization, the market in your story. For example, describe your position, the team, the organization, the market. Nothing more.
  2. Problem: Explain the challenges your team faced.
  3. Solution: Tell us how you solved the problem. Walkthrough the process of implementing your solution and concentrate on what you did versus what your team or larger organization did.
  4. Impact: Briefly describe the positive effects that your team, department, and organization experienced. As much as possible, quantify the impact.
  5. Lessons: End by summarizing what you learned.

It's interesting to note that this method covers themes similar to the STAR method. There is no overlap between any of the steps in your story, making it easier for the candidates we interview.