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Top tips before Applying to Framework Science

How often do you discover you're good at something you're not interested in? Most of us have. You may have become good at it because of a previous project or role, or it may be something you enjoy doing. You can build a fulfilling career on anything if it excites you, but it can be hard to build one on something you're not passionate about. Take a moment to consider these questions before you start applying:

  • What is one thing you learned that made everything you did after easier?
  • Do you feel you have accomplished more alone or with a team?
  • When you solve problems, is it more enjoyable to you to push the discussion forward?
  • Which job has been the most satisfying to you? If so, why?
  • Describe the best team you have ever worked with. Why was that experience so memorable?

Let's spend a moment thinking about your history.

Create a vision of how you wish to proceed in your career based on all the positive and gratifying aspects of your past experiences.

What is the purpose of the visualization exercise? Life, experiences, triumphs, and failures shape your skills, interests, and goals. We'll get a skilled employee if we hire you based on your skills. If we employ you based on your skills, enduring passions, and distinct experiences and perspectives, we’ll get a Framework Scientist. That's what we want.

Our goal is to feel like you know us a bit better and have enough information to feel like you’re applying for the right jobs.

Check out our company.  

The goal here is that the job or jobs you land on should exist at the intersection of who we are and who you are. So go, click around for a bit. We’ll meet you back here.

By now, you may have a better sense of who we are and what part of the company and role seems like the best match for where you want to go.

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