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Why are software engineering microservices so popular?

Microservices are a popular software engineering technique for building distributed applications on top of Cloud platforms. This is a relatively new concept, and it has already proven to be quite effective for various reasons. But what exactly is microservices, and why is it so popular?

What are software engineering microservices?

Software engineering microservices are a recent trend in software development where developers are encouraged to focus on small, cohesive services that fetch data from external systems and return results. This method is popularized by companies like Netflix and Spotify, which have developed their needle-moving architecture using this process.

Benefits of Software Engineering Microservices

For software engineers, the benefits of using microservices come from improved scalability and reliability. While it's not always possible to get these benefits, it's important to note that implementing microservices can be easy because they are built on components. This means that you only have to write one codebase but then use the same component in different places.

Coding microservices vs. traditional software

Software engineering has shifted from traditional monolithic software models to adopt the microservices architecture. Microservices are becoming more and more popular with businesses because they can build software faster and cheaper. Additionally, companies using microservices also report higher satisfaction levels, with customers reporting lower levels of stress and an improved customer experience.

The pros and cons of using a monolithic app vs. a service-oriented architecture

According to some experts, the popularity of a service-oriented architecture is rising because it's easier to manage and scale than a monolithic app. However, some developers find it harder to write code they can be sure will work across different environments and multiple clients.

Choosing the exemplary architecture for your company

There are different technical approaches to software engineering that require other choices in the architecture of your company. Companies should choose an architecture suitable for their product, team size, and budget. For example, if your product is a game, you will want to use a centralized architecture to better manage player data; if your product is an online store, you will want to avoid microservices because the increased maintenance could decrease customer satisfaction. Ultimately it's up to the company and its management team to make these decisions since they'll be the ones who have to balance new challenges with their existing process and resources.


Software engineering is becoming more complex, so many companies are considering microservices to manage player data better. This alternate way of developing software may reduce costs while improving the quality of the end product.