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GO Beyond: Software Engineering Innovation

GO Beyond: Software Engineering Innovation

Since the turn of the century, major changes have occurred in the software development industry.


We are almost a quarter way into 2022, companies and employees must take note of the new trends in software products to adequately meet the market's expectations. It is crucial to be prepared for the unexpected since the future is uncertain. It is essential to consider specific trends, such as remote working, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and outsourcing. 

Using automation

Software development tasks that repeat themselves will be automated. Automation will be an inevitable trend in software development owing to Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, and other emerging technologies. Many software development companies use robotic process automation (RPA) to improve productivity. Others are also considering such technologies. Automating repetitive and rotary tasks suited to machines instead of humans is the aim of RPA innovation. 

It is possible to become more creative in software development when RPA is integrated into software engineering development like Framework Science Remote Dev Teams Management System called TeamStation.

Bringing to market effective cross-platform applications

In 2022 and beyond, cross-platform development will become increasingly popular. Increasingly, software development companies explore cross-platform development due to the challenges of developing "only for iOS," "only for Android," and "only for Windows." Innovative technologies will make cross-platform development more manageable by allowing developers to access the same codebase for multiple platforms, reducing the need for additional resources. This means cross-development capabilities are extremely beneficial economically, enabling developers to save time and effort. 

Innovations related to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) will also be used to its fullest potential. AI will be a crucial part of software development in 2022, particularly artificial intelligence. AI can be effectively integrated into existing technologies for better decision-making, efficient operations, and enhanced digital experiences.

In addition to cloud computing and Kubernetes, AI adoption will be accompanied by the adoption of container technology. A system based on Kubernetes will allow software developers and businesses to run their applications anywhere there is access to the Internet. Chatbots can be incorporated into developers' plans using cloud technologies.

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Remote work

Software development in the future will be able to operate anywhere and from any device. According to Computer Weekly, the Covid-19 pandemic led to a drop of 74% in office work since the pandemic hit, driving developers to the remote workplace. Some studies indicate hybrid working — some done remotely and some in the office — will be on the rise. Compared to before the global health crisis, 46% more companies are likely to accommodate remote working systems. 

Rapid prototyping and innovation

High exponential velocity of innovation and rapid prototyping are two other key trends in 2022. There is volatility, uncertainty, and a highly competitive environment in software development. Companies and individuals in this industry must continuously innovate to survive. Therefore, software firms will be forced to acknowledge and reward innovation as 2022 approaches by developing avenues for software development and rewarding innovative employees accordingly. Many businesses will likely follow this trend - those that fail to follow it, or limit innovation, will have a hard time keeping their competitive edge. 

Information security

Soon, the requirements of cybersecurity will significantly affect software development. Cybersecurity threats are no longer ignorable in an increasingly digitally interconnected world. Recent research shows that businesses are losing $6 trillion a year due to criminal activities in the virtual space. Thus, the need for software developers and customer software companies to think differently about cyber-security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus software has arisen. The recommendation of software development experts is to implement a cybersecurity mesh while developing a product. 


Software development is predicted to undergo significant changes because space has been profoundly affected by the vast array of new technologies and innovations. Firms must stay on top of emerging trends. Those that choose to invest their time, finances, and other resources to understand and adapt to the changing market will maintain and grow their competitive advantage over the long run.